28 Days To Feel Great & Shift Weight


A 28 day nutrition and lifestyle program designed to help you feel great, build a better relationship with food and shift weight.  It’s written by an experienced nutritionist, is based on science and is full of healthy, easy meals with no calorie counting or strict regime!



You’ve tried diets before and they don’t work in the long terms so why not try something new ………..ditch the strict diet and focus on health!

Feeling great has very little to do with how much you weigh.  It’s about giving your body the nutrients it needs to function well.

Weight loss can help your health in many ways but, done correctly, is about so much more than just what you eat and how much you exercise.  It is also about understanding why you eat, why you go back to your old habits, how to eat, when you eat and exploring if the environment you live in is helping or hindering progress.

Let Me Help You

Let me help you.  Let me teach you to understand what your body needs to feel great.  Only then will you be able to shift weight though a balanced, satisfying, nutrient rich diet that works with your body, schedule, budget and food likes.

Course Details

This online course takes you on a 28-day journey of discovery.  It’s tried and tested and based on science….not trends or the latest fad!  You’ll learn

  • How to set realistic health goals
  • What to eat (including delicious recipes to tempt you)
  • How to understand portion control and balance
  • How to break self-sabotaging habits
  • How you can create new, life long, healthy habits
  • How much, and what exercise is right for you
  • How feeling great is the best feeling in the world


Over the course of 28 days you’ll receive recipes, information videos, daily tips and support, worksheets to help with understanding your body and with making changes and you’ll create a plan to support your health ongoing.

There is even a facebook group should you want to join a community and support and keep each other accountable.

All of this is just £79



Who runs the course?

I’m Janet Padfield, a registered nutritional therapist with over 7 years of experience in helping people to achieve their health goals.  I’ve run a number of online courses and work with people one to one too!

Who is this course for?

This course is for men and women who are looking to improve their health and are willing to commit to making some small to medium sized changes.  You are likely to be generally well but might have a few health niggles, need more energy and perhaps have some weight to shift.

Who SHOULD NOT do this course?

Anyone who is underweight, has an active or a history of eating disorders should not sign up to this course.  Anyone who has a health condition that requires a specialised diet should not sign up to this course.  If you are concerned about making changes to your diet or are worried about your health then please see your GP

I’m vegan / vegetarian.  Is this course suitable?

Yes!  The recipes provided have plenty of options that are suitable for both vegan and vegetarian diets

I cannot tolerate gluten or dairy.  Is this course suitable?

Yes!  The recipes provided can all be adapted to compensate for dairy, gluten and nut free options


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