28 Day – Reignite Your Sparkle: Menopausal Mayhem (4th November start)


A 28 day health and well being program designed to help support hormone balance throughout the perimenopause .  It’s written by a nutritionist and is full of healthy, easy meals – no calorie counting, pressure or strict regimes!

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Starting on the 4th November is a brand new 28 day online course called “Menopausal Mayhem” 

If your periods have suddenly changes, your body swings between cool to a raging inferno in a heart beat, you’re struggling sleeping, your libido has left the building, the weight is going up despite your best efforts or you are walking around in a complete brain fog then this course is for you!    

Over a 28 day period you’ll learn the foods to eat and the life style supporting factors you need to maximise your chances of a calmer and less bumpy ride through the menopause.  All women have to go through this – you really are not alone and it is not a taboo subject.  Let me help you meet people just like you and help you with simple long term  healthy habits that are design to rebalance hormones

It’s a fantastic course (yes I’m biased) to help you take care of yourself both physically and mentally.  It combines nutrition and health coaching to teach you how to eat well and to support you as your body transitions into this new phase 

This is not a strict “diet” program where the main goal is weight loss – although many of the people who complete my courses do lose weight over the 28 days.  It focuses more on being a simple, supportive and motivating program which includes health coaching, daily advice and a booklet of healthier recipes using lots of readily available ingredients that you can easily follow from the comfort of your own home and fit in around even the busiest of lifestyles.  It also caters for those who need to follow a gluten or dairy free diet

Over the 28 days you’ll have

  • Access to a great recipe booklet to help with eating as well as you can at home and when out
  • Food demonstrations from the wonderful Jen Roach at Fearless in the Kitchen to show you how quick and easy cooking can be
  • Exercise guidance from the amazing Sara McDonnell at Revolutions.Fit
  • Guided group health coaching to support mental wellbeing and making positive change
  • Focus themes covering hormones, cravings, emotional eating, optimised sleep, stress, exercise and meal planning
  • Daily support from me

The detail

  • It’s all done over a private Facebook group and is a virtual plan that is easy to manage and suit your busy schedule.
  • You’ll have a virtual (zoom based) 1 to 1 session with me at the beginning and end of the course to assess health and progress
  • We will work through setting your goals and reviewing current health 
  • I, Janet Padfield, a registered Nutritional Therapist will give daily support, nutrition and lifestyle tips with lots of interaction
  • The program support pack including a flexible meal planner and recipes which can be downloaded onto any device or printed out!

and all this for just £70!  Be quick as that’s the early bird price and will go up to £99 on the 25th October 2020

Still not convinced?

In addition to gaining energy, losing weight, feeling great, sleeping better, reduced bloating, feeling less anxious and feeling back in control, here is what others have said about the course:

“I would like to say a big thank you Janet! You’re one in a million and thanks so much for all your help! I love the recipes. I’ve learnt so much and it will be continuing with my new habits! ” (SC)

“Just wanted to say a quick thank you to Janet for running this group over the last few weeks. You’ve given me a real kick up the backside (metaphorically of course! 😄) and reminded me of all the good and healthy things I should be doing. Have enjoyed your live chats…feel like I’ve picked up so many new tips and gems of information” (SM)

“Wow – Such a good talk today Janet! Very powerful, thanks” (CT)

“I’ve definitely got more energy now” (HC)



Who is this for?

Women who are interesting in improving their health and well being during the perimenopause.  You’re likely to be generally healthy but want some extra support to help you feel and look amazing


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