Chilly’s Bottles | Leak-Proof, No Sweating | BPA-Free Stainless Steel | Reusable Water Bottle | Double-Walled Vacuum Insulated | Keeps Drinks Cold for 24+ Hrs, Hot for 12 Hrs

Stainless steel drinks bottles that are free from plastics, leak-proof and insulated so will keep your drinks hot or cold. They come in a range of sizes which mean they are perfect for school children, on an office desk or at the gym.



These bottles are just brilliant. Not only do they look pretty trendy but also are great quality too. Being made from food grade stainless steel is a massive plus – the water stored in them tastes perfect and can be kept cool for 24 hours – and you can be sure that no toxins are leaching into your drink and being consumed. You can even store hot drinks in it and they stay hot for up to 12 hours (although I haven’t lasted 12 hours to test that!). I have had so many water bottles over the years and they are notoriously bad with leaking despite their claims. The Chilly bottles though do not leak – they are really brilliantly sealed and easy to open and close.

They are quite pricey (£20-30 depending on the size you choose) but, in my opinion, are worth it. I do give details of a cheaper water bottle alternative within my shop too (One Green Bottle)


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