EMPO® Fruit Infuser Sports Water Bottle 750ml/27oz, NEW Leak-Proof Design, BPA Free, Large Capacity with Twisting-Lid, Outdoor Carry Loop with Free Protein Shaker Ball & Detox Recipe eBook (Azure)

These infuser bottles are fantastic for those who aren’t keen on plain water.  With a little basket in the centre to add fruit to your water takes on a hint of your fruit.  It’s BPA free too which means it’s a safer plastic to use



I hear many people in clinic telling me that they hate plain water and find it boring and so they drink squash instead.

To avoid the added sugars or artificial sweeteners that are in squashes I always recommend a fruit infuser bottle.

They are very simple to use.

My favourites are orange or lemon and lime although I know many people who add mint or berries too.

The more time you give your bottle to infuse the stronger the flavour.  I like to add the fruit in the evening, fill with water and store in the fridge.  The next day the bottle is cold and ready to grab on my way out the door.

The flavour is usually nice and strong with the overnight infusion and you can just top the water level up throughout the day to keep the flavour.

These are also great for children – It’s a novel way to encourage them to drink more water and can easily be taken to school.


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