China Healthy Portion Plate Guide

A simple way to balance food groups for a more optimal way of eating


We can all be a little guilty of overloading the carbs and perhaps not thinking enough about vegetables!

This plate is just brilliant as a visual cue to help with serving up at meal times.  With clearly written information about which foods go into which section this is one of the most simple ways to create a new healthy habit.

The concept is simple – quarter of the plate must be a protein, up to quarter of the plate can be a carbohydrate and the rest of the plate must be fruits and vegetables.  It’s harder to achieve than people think but is a great goal to work towards and means you can eat the foods you love but in a much more balalnced way to ensure you are still getting the nutrients your body needs to function at its best.

This plate is china too so it is robust and goes well through the dishwasher.

On this page is also a weight loss version and a vegan version so it this one isn’t right for you one of the others just might be!



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