Makeup Remover Cloth (2 Pack) with FREE Makeup Brush Cleaner. Wipes Make Up Off for Clean Clear Skin. Facial Cleansing Cloths. Natural & Simple to Use

An eco-friendly and very simple and effective way to remove even the toughest of makeup!

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Let’s face it – getting makeup off can be quite the ordeal!

It usually involves disposable wipes impregnated with harsh chemicals or cotton pads and a liberal dabbing of makeup remover lotion + some harsh rubbing and pulling faces. You end up with a clear and sometimes irritated face, a bin full of wipes or pads and some harsh chemicals sat on your skin ready to be absorbed and possibly disrupt hormones. Not the ideal situation!

Prior to discovering these cloths, I was using a chemical free and organic disposable wipe which was working well but I wasn’t comfortable with throwing the wipes away. I had explored reusable cloth pads but then you still need to use a makeup remover product with those……..neither was ideal but then I stumbled across these cloths and I have to say they are amazing….so amazing I’ve bought for my daughters and a few of my friends too.

Such a simple concept but it really does work. It’s a gentle microfibre type cloth and all you literally do is to get it wet with some warm water and gentle was your face….that’s it. Around the eyes, you do have to go over it a few times but even the harshest water-resistant mascara comes right off. You can then rinse the cloth and leave to dry and I wash my around 1-2 times a week.

This is the perfect solution. Not simply that it works, but because it is reusable (big environmental tick), no harsh chemicals are needed (big health tick) and they are actually a great price (big tick for the wallet). Being a cloth also means that it’s easy to take away with you and means one less bottle of “stuff” to add to your toiletries bag.

As you can tell – I have been super impressed with this product and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to reduce chemicals in their environment and be more environmentally friendly.


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