NutriBullet 600 Series Set, 0.68 Litre, 600 W, 8-Piece, Graphite

An excellent entry level high powered blender for making smoothies, soups and milling foods. The 600 series isn’t the most powerful in the NutriBullet Range but it is perfect for everyday use.



This is the Nutri Bullet that I started with. It has a few different sized jugs for making different quantities and when I had it I used it mostly to make smoothies, nut milk, blended sauces and soups and mill flaxseed. I found it perfect for this and it lasted a number of years. It’s easy to clean and very easy to store and the range of jug sizes are perfect whether you are having a large size breakfast smoothie or going out and about with a snack-sized version.

For me, the issue came when I started trying to make nut butters and wanted to be making large quantities of smoothies for smoothie bowls at breakfast. The motor isn’t quite powerful enough for the nut butter and the jug capacity is only really ideal for 1-2 people.

Aside from that it really is a great product and I recommend it to so many of my clients who are looking to make protein-rich smoothies as breakfast or snack alternatives”


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