Reusable Silicone Food Preservation Storage Bag, Bestparnter Airtight Seal Food Storage Container Versatile Cooking Bag for Freeze, Steam, Heat, Microwave Fruits Vegetables Meat Milk (Set of 4)

Food grade silicone pouches for storing leftovers, soups or fruits and vegetables in a safe and non-toxic way



I know you shouldn’t get too excited about this kind of thing but I just can’t help myself! These are just brilliant. Two of my biggest pet hates are waste and plastics and so these are the perfect solution.

The issue with plastic is that it often contains chemicals that may be hormone-disrupting (nasty!!) and also if you freeze foods in pots the plastic can get brittle or just leech those chemicals into your foods if you are reheating. With waste, it’s as much about ditching food as it is with throwing plastic food bags away. I hate how we send so much of it to landfill and I’d much prefer to be able to reuse something if I can.

I quite often make a bone broth (that’s basically stock!) in large batches to be able to use in soups and stew making. It’s quite difficult to be able to freeze it and I used to use the ziplock pouches from the supermarkets but they never washed well and so would only be used once or twice before throwing away. These silicone bags are just far superior…….They stand along better so pouring in the liquid is easier, they hold a litre of liquid easily, they are 100% spill-proof and they wash really well.

The bags are really durable and freeze, defrost, heat and wash very well – so far I’ve used them to freeze broth and berries and I use them in the fridge to keep leftovers and half cut fruits and vegetables. I also love the different colours so that I can “”code”” what I store in them – I only ever put raw meat in one colour so that I know, even when washed through the dishwasher, there is no chance of cross-contamination with uncooked foods.

Before I initially bought these I read the reviews and did have some concerns – people seem to really struggle to slide the bar and opening the bags. I have not had any issue with that at all. From the first use, they were easy to open and close.

If I had to come up with a negative I would only say that it would be great if they came in packs of different size as a few smaller ones would be very handy to have in the fridge when you only have a small amount of food to store.”


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