Sistema Bento Box to Go with Fruit/Yogurt Pot, 1.76 L – Assorted Colours

A very affordable, BPA free and practical lunchbox for you or your child. The Sistema range is available in lots of different shapes and sizes but this one I feel has the best layout



I have always been obsessed with storage and I am no different when it comes to lunch boxes – I love them!!!

I have a vast array of Sistema products in my kitchen cupboards and they all serve a purpose. My children love the bright colours and love that they have lots of little compartments to peek in to see what they have for lunch.

The multiple compartments is a great idea too – it focuses you on providing a variety of foods and that is a great way of ensuring your child gets a range of nutrients. This one even comes with a little pot and I love to add natural yoghurt and berries to that for a calcium-rich pudding.

The Sistema range is very affordable, cleans well, is non-toxic plastic and can easily go through the dishwasher.


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