Child Nutrition Course



✔️ Learn exactly why healthy eating for kids is important in preventing obesity and other long-term health issues such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

✔️ Can be listened to in the comfort of your own home

✔️ Lifetime access so you can go through it at your own pace

✔️ Over 20 modules covering topics such as “how to construct the perfect meal”, “dealing with fussy eaters”, “how to increase fruits & vegetables”, “avoiding a hangry child” and “managing a healthy weight”

✔️Healthy meal, lunchbox, snack and drink ideas

✔️ Exclusive access to a private Facebook group all about child nutrition

When it comes to our children we want the best for them.  If they are out in the sunshine we like to cover them from head to toe in sun cream and make them wear a hat.  When they need new shoes we get their feet measured by an expert and then buy the best fitting shoes we can….but we aren’t always as good when it comes to what our children eat.

In early childhood there is a wealth of information online, in books and from healthcare professionals but as your child gets a little older that information becomes irrelevant and there really is very little to help guide you.  That’s certainly how I felt about information on children’s nutrition and it was one of the main reasons why I chose to study nutrition.  At school your child is growing, developing, playing and learning new and complex topics – that is a lot and is quite demanding for the body.  Under these kinds of demands, the body needs a lot of nutrients to be able to support all of those different processes and brain development.  It also needs time for activity and time for relaxation.

As a qualified and registered nutritionist, with years of helping families to create a healthier life through adjusting what foods they eat, my goal is simple – I want to inspire people to eat the foods that their body’s need in order to work optimally.

My advice is always realistic and achievable and I love to work with families to help educate the younger generations about looking after themselves and having happy and healthy relationships with food.

Children can be little pickles and parents can have real power struggles at the table.  They can be quite stubborn, fussy and avoid trying new foods and it isn’t always easy to get them to eat their fruit and vegetables when they’d prefer junk foods.  As parents, we can be quite time poor and so quick and easy shop bought foods such as chicken nuggets, fish fingers and pasta meals help save time but they aren’t always right for our children’s health.  There is also the issue of childhood obesity which is at an all-time high.  It’s an area that I feel very passionate about and want to help families to tackle childhood obesity together.

This course is perfect for any parent of children aged 5 to 11 who wants to:

–        Understand more about why healthy eating is important for children
–        Give their child the foods they need to help them with their learning
–        Ensure their child maintains a healthy weight
–        Tackle issues such as fussy eating, veg dodging and the hangry child
–        Know how to construct the perfect family meal and what foods to avoid
–        Break the cycle of power struggles and get their child to try new foods
–        Understand how much physical activity a child needs and how much sleep

This course is unlikely to suit people who are looking for a quick fix, aren’t willing to home cook foods or who are not willing to make changes.  It is also unlikely to be suitable for those who have children with very specific health concerns or health needs and need specialist support.  For those, I would recommend a one to one session with myself or another registered nutritional therapist who can tailor recommendations specific to your child.

What my healthy eating for kids course is all about

This course contains over 20 modules which guide you through the foundations of child nutrition through to meal ideas and how to talk to your child about nutrition.  It tackles common issues and provides practical tips on how to help with fussy or picky eaters, increasing fruits and vegetables, encouraging trying new foods and supporting growth and development including brain development and supporting behaviour

You’ll learn the importance of getting your child to sleep well and fall asleep easier, how best to reward a child, how much exercise they need and how to help your child develop a healthy relationship with foods

How the course works

Once you sign up for the course you have instant and lifetime access to it.  The course currently has 21 modules and I will add to and amend the course with fresh material over time.  Here is a teaser on some of the current modules:

–        Constructing the perfect meal
–        Snacking
–        Avoiding the hangry child
–        Special diets
–        Feeding your child’s brain

You can take as much or as little time over the course as you want and can listen to it as many times as you need to.

Each module lasts up to 10 minutes and consists of me taking you through that topic and providing information and practical tips that you can implement straight away.  Every module also has a downloadable summary and some have additional charts, worksheets and information to help you with implementing any changes.  You don’t have to do the course in order and can just dip in and out of the modules as you need them.

There is also a private Facebook Group just for people who have purchased this course and this is a great place to discuss your issues and successes with other like-minded parents.  I will appear regularly in that group giving extra tips, generating discussion and answering questions.  Details on how to join that group are in your welcome email.

So, why not begin your child’s healthy eating journey now!

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