Mrs P was struggling to conceive.  She had PCOS, irregular periods, low energy, bloating and was very stressed.  Over a 3 month period be worked on stress management, improved sleep, increased plant foods, increased exercise, reduced sugars and introduced an overnight fast.

After 3 months Mrs P had significantly improved sleep, had no bloating, had lost body fat and gained muscle, had improved skin and nails and was feeling full of energy.  To support fertility Mrs P was seeing a specialist.


Here's what Mrs P said in her latest email where she share a picture of her beautiful  newborn baby:

"I've been meaning to email you for months but alas life has been so busy but I wanted to let you know our darling daughter - the one I was so desperate for when I did the course with you has arrived. 
Hubby and I have broadly stuck to your principles on eating etc and along with successful ovarian drilling surgery I honestly believe eating well helped up get pregnant so quickly after the surgery.
Thank you so much"


-  Mrs P, age 30

"Janet has an understanding, warm and attentive professional manner, quickly putting me at my ease and conducting a sensitive and carefully structured consultation. Her recommendations are proving most effective in improving my health, boosting my energy, and increasing my sense of well-being."

-  Mr E

"Thank you for your help in all the advice you gave on adding avocados, good oil and nuts and seeds. It has been a revelation. With some trial and error I have finally found a way of eating that works for me and does not involve counting calories or following a diet plan. I am loving my food, not counting calories and not feeling hungry and the weight is falling off."

-  Mrs W

"When I first sat with Janet just before Christmas, I felt sluggish and sad. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2016 and after 12 months of reduced pain, I was noticing that it was on the return. Endometriosis is medically managed using hormones, and I was not keen to follow this path. I had been researching alternative methods to manage the condition and reduce pain, and frequently came across nutrition as being key. I was not comfortable exploring this alone and sought help via Janet as the nutritional expert. Over three months, we have worked through a programme of changes to support my health and improve my condition to a point where my period arrives and I can still function! No mean feat, when previously it would confine me to my bed with extreme pain for 2 days. I still have a few challenges to complete (reducing sugar!) but I'm working on it. I now feel empowered and more knowledgeable when making food related decisions and couldn’t have done so on my own. Janet is warm, funny and kind and I recommend her services wholeheartedly. Thank you"

-  Mrs C

"I cannot begin to explain how thrilled I am that I stumbled across your website, months ago when feeling in despair because of the way I had been feeling. I had hit a point when I knew the way I was feeling couldn't be normal, but wasn't finding any answers or solutions after blood tests and visits to my GP. Money is tight, but I knew my health was vitally important and I needed to be well, so I decided that although it may have seemed like an expensive outlay, if I found solutions, then it would be priceless! From the initial phone call with Janet, responding to my enquiry, I felt incredibly informed. Now that my package is complete (except I will continue to meet with Janet), I am overwhelmed by how much I did not know about my health. I cannot express the gratitude I feel. Janet you have been a pleasure to work with (if I can call it work) - you have been honest, you have a huge wealth of knowledge and I am hugely appreciative of the advice you have given me."

-  Mrs T

"Janet was welcoming, friendly and extremely knowledgeable and gave me really valuable, practical advice that I could take away and implement. I have always read a lot about nutrition on the internet, but had become overwhelmed by all the different information – having Janet use her expertise to give me a few clear things to focus on at any point in time really helped me make some lasting changes. Janet is a great person to work with – always supportive, but also challenging where needed. I always felt in our sessions that she was fully on my side and really wanted me to succeed in my aims. I now have much more sustained energy levels throughout the day, feel healthier and have lost weight - I am also now 18 weeks pregnant which I consider a success!"

-  Mrs N

"My daughter has coeliac disease and just cutting out gluten didn't ease her symptoms. Janet helped enormously with her diet and with these changes her stomach pains eased considerably. I would recommend Janet, she listens and then acts accordingly."

-  Mrs B

"Janet is a professional, caring, highly knowledgeable nutritionist. She resolved several long-standing issues in a few sessions with a good sense of humour and very good explanations. I would add that I did a stool test which was essential to getting to the bottom of the problems and it should be almost mandatory to get the solution that’s right for you"

-  Mr H - The Healthy You Package

"I’ve struggled with my weight for 20 years – what a breath of fresh air Janet is! We talked, she explained factors which were contributing to my weight gain and we set realistic goals and changes to my diet. It was very motivating! I’m 8 weeks in and I’ve lost 8kg and my fitness and energy levels have drastically improved. Thanks so much, Janet!"

-  Miss C - The Healthy Weight Package