Family Healthy Eating & Nutrition Advice


Do you ever wonder if you have optimal family nutrition?  Keeping the whole family happy and healthy can be a very big challenge – I know this first hand!  We're often pushed for time, working to a budget and have a selection of tastes to cater for, an empty fridge or extra mouths to feed at the last minute

It is not always easy to make the right food choices given these factors and it is easy to get stuck in a rut.  Many of the families that I speak to have a few family meals that everyone will eat and they are eaten on rotation and many parents eat completely different meals and times from their children as their tastes are so different.  I remember a parent once telling me that if they drew a venn diagram of their 3 children’s “food likes” the only overlapping food in the middle would be fish fingers!  These are crazy situations and shouldn’t be the norm.

It is key to understand that a family may all have different health needs.  A young child is likely to have different needs and tastes to a teen and us adults may have health conditions that need to be catered for.  But the fundamentals of nutrition remain the same and can be achieved in a family meal.  We do all need a healthy balanced diet that is rich is fruits and vegetables to provide us with fibre and vitamins and minerals.  We do all need to avoid foods that are processed and contain chemicals and preservatives that may be damaging to health and we do all need to limit our sugar intake.

I offer quite a unique solution to family nutrition – we come together for a 2 hour session and get educating and encouraging the family as a whole.

My Approach to Family Nutrition

I thoroughly enjoy the family nutrition sessions I give.  They are fun and interactive and all my clients tell me they get a lot out of them.

I believe that it is possible for people to eat the same family meal.  It can be hard work to initially make the changes but meal times don’t have to involve hours preparing different meals and all then eating mindlessly in front of the TV.

Education is key to helping motivate children to make change – I educate on sugar, especially hidden sugars.  I talk about fruits and vegetables, understanding food labels, what constitutes a healthy balanced diet and how to avoid foods high in fat.

Parents also leading by example helps.  In these sessions I won’t just target a fussy eater – we find out the foods that mum and dad don’t like and the children get to push them to retry certain ones!  Often we tell ourselves for years that we don’t like a specific food and that stops are from retrying it – I personally have retried many foods in the last 5 years and I now eat beans and pulses and peas and avocados…….I still hate olives and prawns but I have tried them and I am okay with that.  My children have seen my try all these foods and it does spur them on to give new foods a go too.

Often in these sessions parents are concerned about one family member.  The benefit of the family sessions is that the child does not know that the session is tailored to them as it involves everyone.  There is no singling people out as everyone gets recommendations for positive change and everyone is accountable for everyone else.

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- Mrs Jones

My Family Nutrition Consultation Package

This £400 package is for families who feel that everyone may benefit from some nutrition advice.  This package would suit families who are seeking combinations of:

  • nutrition education
  • improved eating habits
  • better energy
  • improved skin health
  • digestive support
  • weight management
  • balanced hormones
  • suspected food intolerance

The package should be completed within an 8 week period and is suitable for families of up to 6 members (2 adults and 4 children) and includes:

  • 2 x

    120 minuteconsultations

  • 1 phone catch-up
  • cupboard review
  • email support
  • 10% supplement discount

The consultation sessions take approximately 2 hours. They will normally take place at your home and involve the whole family. Together we work on looking at the family’s current diet, health status and any medical history. From your family’s specific needs i develop a plan that will help you to support your family’s health and wellbeing.

Additional services available to complement these sessions include:

  • accompanied supermarket shops
  • weekly menu planning service
  • Cupboard cleanse