Learn how to make healthy and easy lunchboxes your kids will love 


Make quick, easy and healthy lunchbox meals your child will want to eat

  • Are you stuck in a rut when it comes to your child’s lunchbox?
  • Are you uninspired as to what to add into the lunch?
  • Do you have a child that won’t or can’t eat sandwiches?
  • Is your child a fussy eater and so easy options are not available?
  • Does your child have food allergies or intolerances that mean lunchboxes are a minefield?
  • Do you struggle getting it right for your teenager so they aren’t tempted to ditch your lunch and hit the canteen?


You are not alone!  You know it’s important that your child eats well at school but you’re a busy parent and finding the time to come up with new and exciting foods your child will actually eat is a challenge.  It’s soul destroying seeing the leftover food come back home and have to be binned.

What’s hard is that there are so many quick and easy “child pleasing” options in the shop that save you so much time and effort but they are expensive and you know they aren’t good to eat all the time.

Having a picky child or a child with a restricted diet can be mega challenging too.  Those easy to make or grab foods might no longer be an option and finding time and inspiration to make alternatives is hard.

You’ve probably worked out what your child will eat and so are making the same lunch day in day out but want to change.

Help is here!  This 45 minute masterclass can help you make positive lunch box changes.  It contains all the information you need to know on balancing a lunch box and also gives you lots of ideas and recipes that your child will love.  The food ideas span from those that are quick and easy to those that can be made if you have more time or are feeling creative.

 I know exactly how you feel.  My two daughters hated school dinners so lunchbox making was my only option…..and they both hated sandwiches which gave me quite the daily challenge.  I’ve been a registered nutritional therapist since 2014 and that really helped me.  I didn’t have a lot of time to spend on lunches but with my knowledge I was able to prep ahead and be confident that I was giving them a healthy, balanced and tasty lunch.  This masterclass shares my tips with you!

This masterclass is just £15 and will run via Zoom on Wednesday 7th September at 7.30pm

The masterclass is a 30-40 minute presentation where I take you through the importance of a healthy lunch before giving you practical tips for the best lunchboxes on the market and what to put in them.  There will be time for questions

There’s a printable lunchbox helper, a recipe booklet and a lunchbox planner which will help you every step of the way and will be emailed to you after the session.



Q Who is this for?

A Anyone with school age children who need a helping hand with ideas for lunchbox fillers

Q When will I get the Zoom Link

A The Zoom link will be sent to you via email the day before the presentation is scheduled

Q Can I watch it on my phone?

A Yes you can but it’s much clearer and easier on a laptop of tablet

Q Are the recipes gluten and dairy free?

A The lunch ideas provided are a mix of gluten free, dairy free, gluten and dairy free

Q Are there vegetarian and vegan recipes?

A Yes, some of the options are suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Q My child is very fussy – will there be ideas they will like?

A In this masterclass I’ve tried to give as many ideas as I possibly can to cater for all types of likes and dislikes.  I cannot guarantee your child will like everything but hopefully there are enough ideas to suit most children

Q Will I be able to watch on catch up?

A This presentation will be recorded so that the course can be available online for others to purchase in their own time.  Those who purchase this masterclass will be given access to this recording once it has been created


Are you ready to make positive changes to your child’s school lunchbox?


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