Meal Planner and Lifestyle Tracker Bundle


The ultimate bundle for you to track and organise your foods and health.  These journals have been created by Apples to Zinc to really help you to plan your family meals and also to monitor your health ongoing.


The bundle consists of 2 books.  The “Ultimate Meal Planner” and the “Food & Lifestyle Tracker”
The Ultimate Meal Planner is your friend if you have a busy life or a family to feed and need to get organised.  The main part of the journal is the weekly food planners and shopping lists.  The book will last you a year and is a really great way to take control of your health and increase variety in the diet.  It might also save you money with less top up shopping.  For some this may be very different for how you currently do things – people wonder how on earth you know what you might want to eat in 3 days times but trust me….this works.  Listing out a rough guide to the meals for the week doesn’t set it in stone, days can be switched around and things might change a little BUT it is a real time saver and does help many families to increase variety in their week to ensure they are getting more nutrients and therefore improving health.

The journal is simple – you list all your meals for the following week in the table provided and then you create a shopping list on the opposite side so that you know exactly which foods you need for the week – I’ve even added columns to help you navigate your way around the supermarket and stop you endlessly going up and down the aisles and it might stop all those non-essential impulse purchases and save you money.  What’s even better is that this journal is quite thin and A5 size so it’s very easy to slip into a handbag and take to the supermarket with you so that you can cross things off as you go
The Food & Lifestyle Tracker helps with keeping you on track with weight loss or understanding if certain foods might be causing some of your symptoms.  The tracker itself is designed for 12 weeks of food tracking.  At the beginning of the journal, there is detailed guidance on how to get the best out of the journal and what it can be used for.  It really isn’t simply to write your foods down at all.

This journal is great for many different purposes.  For some it’s a great way to stay on track and visually see what you are eating across a whole week….sometimes that alone can shock us into making some healthier changes.  It’s also for those who think that perhaps a food isn’t making them feel well but they often can’t pinpoint it….using the set days tracking you add foods, drinks and symptoms that you have over the day.  It’s much easier to see if there is a relationship between foods and symptoms when it’s in black and white in front of you.

It’s great with tracking sleep and making you aware if perhaps you aren’t going to bed early enough or if you aren’t being active enough.  You choose your goals and the book fits in around them – it’s pretty simple to use!

The journal helps you to drink enough and also to be mindful about how much sleep and activity levels you are hitting.  It’s great to have those goals and see your progress against them.

Another added bonus is that the book is a neat size.  It’s A5 and not too thick so it’s easy to slip into a bag or have on your bedside table so that you can easily access it and keep on top of all those little nibbly bits you are having throughout the day.


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