Meal Planner and Shopping List


Created by Apples to Zinc Nutrition – A great way to plan your week’s meal and shopping list to save time and money and help you eat well


Do you sometimes just stand in front of your fridge wondering what on earth you can make for dinner with children stood behind you shouting ” I’m really hungry”? Do you feel that you go to the shops every other day to get more food? Do you wander around the supermarket just getting the foods you want with no clear plan in your head? Is your food spending higher than you’d like? Do you feel that you are eating the same meals each week?

If you have answered yes to any of those questions then this is the journal for you. I created this book myself to help me with a busy work and family life. It’s tailored to suit all families and to help you get control of what you are eating. At the front of the book is a section to help you with meal planning, listing foods that the family all like or want to try and a guide to what should be in all healthy meals.

The main part of the journal is the weekly food planners and shopping lists. The book will last you a year and is a really great way to take control of your health and increase variety in the diet. It might also save you money with less top up shopping. For some this may be very different for how you currently do things – people wonder how on earth you know what you might want to eat in 3 days times but trust me….this works. Listing out a rough guide to the meals for the week doesn’t set it in stone, days can be switched around and things might change a little BUT it is a real time saver and does help many families to increase variety in their week to ensure they are getting more nutrients and therefore improving health.

The journal is simple – you list all your meals for the following week in the table provided and then you create a shopping list on the opposite side so that you know exactly which foods you need for the week – I’ve even added columns to help you navigate your way around the supermarket and stop you endlessly going up and down the aisles and it might stop all those non-essential impulse purchases and save you money. What’s even better is that this journal is quite thin and A5 size so it’s very easy to slip into a handbag and take to the supermarket with you so that you can cross things off as you go.

These little books are great for any busy family and would also make a great gift for a time-strapped friend.


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