Sheet Pan Cooking: 101 recipes for simple and nutritious meals straight from the oven

This recipe book makes cooking simple and gives great tasting family meals without taking hours and creating a great deal of washing up.



Jenny Tschiesche has created this must have recipe book that should be a feature in all kitchens. It is a simple concept and the style of cooking is quite a trend at the moment – a simple google search on sheet pan dinners gives you 231 million results!

The sheet pan is a baking tray to you and me. The concept is that a complete and balanced meal can be made in one tray very quickly and without generating a whole heap of clearing up and washing up to do…..a very appealing proposition to any parents.

Jenny herself is a registered nutritionist and a busy working mum – these aspects are what really makes this book so great and allows her to stand out from the crowd. With such a knowledge of nutrition you know you can trust that the recipes are all nutrient-rich, balanced and healthy. As a busy mum, she understands how time can be squeezed and with this book she has designed the recipes to all be quick, no-nonsense and crowd-pleasing.

Many of the recipe books that I own I have cooked 2 or 3 recipes from….sound familiar? But this book truly is different. I have already tried 8 different recipes and have my eye on many more – the Thai salmon and meatballs with sprouts and sweet potato are my 2 favourites so far.

All the recipes contain protein, carb and vegetables and there are some recipes that feel like an indulgent treat but are actually very healthy – take the nachos for example where the base is a healthy mix of black beans and salsa to create a dip, with nachos baked on top and then it’s topped with homemade guacamole.

I do recommend this book to many of my clients, especially those who have run out of family meal ideas or are time poor. All those that have bought based on my recommendation have also been very complimentary of it so you don’t have to just take my word for it.

It’s a great book, with great recipes from a great nutritionist!”


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