How To Survive The Festive Season

Christmas is a time that many people let their hair down and indulge.  This is certainly no bad thing, but it can start to become an issue if the indulgence starts at the beginning of December and goes the whole way through to New Year celebrations….,.think bloating, weight gain, fatigue, spots etc…Not ideal!!

You see, over the years Christmas has become more and more about food than anything else and the foods aren’t always the healthiest ones to choose either.  In 2014 a study was conducted on 26 Brits to see how much weight they gained over a 2 week Christmas holiday.  The average was 2.2 pounds with the greatest gain at 9.7 pounds.  Of the 26 only 3 lost any weight at all!

It is all too tempting – nibbles at parties, lots more going out and alcohol, mince pies or tubs of chocolates in the office and oh so many opportunities to have hot chocolates or gingerbread lattes at coffee shops on the way to work or whilst out Christmas shopping.

Please don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas and everything that entails BUT I do try and keep in my mind that it is really only 2 days and go through a process of damage limitation throughout the whole of December so that I can really enjoy Christmas Day and Boxing Day carefree.

That’s what this blog is about.  I wanted to share with you my top 10 tips on surviving Christmas without being that person who gains 9.7 pounds or without feeling like January is going to be very hard work to recover.

The tips can be downloaded from the pdf that is at the bottom of the page.  All the advice is general and basic but might be things you haven’t considered.  They include tips when you are at a party and how to pace yourself with the extra nibbles and alcohol.  What nutrients are your friends, why skipping meals to save calories for the big work meal out is counterproductive and some very important and simple lifestyle things to do.  Why not print it off and stick it up on your kitchen fridge as a reminder of the things you plan to do to help yourself

Enjoy your festive celebrations in style people!!!

Click here to access the pdf ——–>  Surviving the Festive Season

Janet xx


Janet Padfield

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